10.07.2023 - Speech synthesis based on the Belarusian Mozilla Common Voice is added.
29.05.2023 - Changes: 28.12.2022 - Parallel Russian-Belarusian corpus has been added (for now, it contains the codes of the Republic of Belarus).
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Corpus of texts of the modern Belarusian language with structural and grammatical marking and certification. The corpus consists of several subcorpora: basic, unclassified texts, newspapers and websites, Wikipedia (both spellings). The volume of the corpus is ~177 million word usages, together with unclassified texts ~1.07 billion word usages.

The Grammar database is a collection of words with morphological and other marks. It contains not only words recorded in normative dictionaries, but also words that have appeared in the Belarusian language in recent decades and are not yet reflected in dictionaries. This allows us to call Grammar database the database of actual vocabulary of the Belarusian language.

An online service that will help you get rid of errors in the text written in Belarusian official spelling. Also you can download a spell checker for different browsers, Windows (including Skype, Microsoft office, etc.), LibreOffice/OpenOffice, Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird.

The online converter of Belarusian words and texts to phonetic transcription using International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and Belarusian school transription system.

Speech synthesis based on the Belarusian Mozilla Common Voice.

The Belarusian Bible Corpus contains 16 translations of the Bible into Belarusian, as well as texts in other languages (Latin, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Polish, etc.) for comparisons. This is a convenient and effective tool for Bible translators and researchers. With the help of the Bible Corpus you will be able to compare the texts of translations, as well as find the right word and see variants of its translation in different editions.

Ivan Nasovič’s (Nosovich) classic work, Dictionary of the Belarusian Dialect, was published in St Petersburg in 1870. It became the main source for dictionaries of the Belarusian language in the late 19th and the first half of the 20th centuries. This digital reproduction of the work contains the original and updated registers, the original text and appendices to it. They are supplemented with critical, biographical and bibliographic materials. The publication offers full-text and keyword search. It is intended for linguists, historians, ethnographers, folklorists and all who are interested in the Belarusian language.

Digital archive created on the basis of the Collection of folklore records - the largest and oldest folklore archive in Belarus. Manuscripts (scans-copies of expedition diaries and notebooks with texts of songs, fairy tales, orders, etc.) are presented here; sound recordings (digitized sound recordings of Belarusian folklore); musical transcripts; modern expeditionary photo, sound and video materials.

A specific dictionary creating software SloŭnikPlus with a user friendly interface, which may be adapted to make dictionaries and catalogues of almost any type. SloŭnikPlus (https://sourceforge.net/p/korpus/dict/) is based on modern technologies and significantly improves dictionary creation process. It makes work faster, comfortable, and more effective in comparison with usual dictionary creation.

Dictionaries and other projects that are created automatically from the Grammar database.

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